OMG Outfits!


1 black & crochet sundress

Mac lipstick in So Chaud

No shoes & head mistress from Matilda style bun/ Croydon facelift

I’ve just realised that it’s only 15 days until the TomTom National Partner Event.

This will consist of a whole days worth of seminar (note taking, free coffee – subsequent buzzing, nudging my director awake during the boring bits and the prevention of any heckling)

As well as an evening of “entertainment” (usually casino themed) lots and lots of drinking, avoiding being chatted up by the sales director of a hardware distributor, who last time told me I was sexy, like Bridget Jones (not sure how that worked but he’s Dutch so I suppose it speaks for itself – maybe the English accent?)

The third leg of the event could be made up of more seminar/ slideshows, market vertical lectures, a quiz and not forgetting the awesome breakfast buffet – I always take a couple of bread rolls for the homeward journey.

So this brings me to my point. What am I going to wear?

Last time I favoured the Whistles sweater dress and Topshop platforms for the first day. Vintage Jaeger chiffon blouse and Whistles ankle grazing cigarette pants for the evening stretch. The second day, I needed to be comfy after about twelve pints of bitter,  so opted for a Ronan Chen jersey dress with enormous Spanx and biker boots.

The truth is, I don’t know why I spent so much time agonising over what would be suitable attire.

One attendee wore a pair of nondescript leggings teamed with an ill fitting blouse and heinous self service ballet pumps with beaten down backs. Vile, simply vile. The young lady in question looked as if she were popping down to Nettos to buy some chicken kievs and let’s face it; leggings shouldn’t be worn by any one over the age of five.

Now with 15 days to go, the blind panic is building already; I’m even considering making some kind of mood board.

I want to look fierce and not at all like the Office Doris.

Is it reasonable to think that people will respond to my choice of outfit? Probably not but you wouldn’t catch me dead in a polyester suit from Florence & Fred.

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